Our cuisine

Karst tradition and family recipes

Our cuisine

Our kitchen is always warm and its aromas forecast a pleasant family gathering at our table. By our invitation to Turistična kmetija Škerlj – Tourist Farm Škerlj you are also invited to the table, laden with treats and delicacies prepared from our homegrown ingredients using traditional home recipes.

We grow fruit and vegetables, and use our own wine, dried meat, honey and other products from our land.

Our cuisine is based on Karst tradition and family recipes, which have unlocked many secrets of excellent flavours and tastes.

You are most welcome to experience magnificent culinary treats in any season of the year, thanks to the knowledge and wisdom of our family ancestors. 

We offer dishes with wild garlic, asparagus, nettle and lemon balm in the spring season. During autumn, enjoy the tastes of chestnut, pumpkin and squash, as well as delicious mushrooms. In winter, there are fresh sausages, krodige, cracknels and brawn. 

Naturally, there is no Easter without a cooked pork shoulder.