From sun-bathed slopes of the local hills


One of the reasons we are enamoured with life is that we know how to grow fruitful vines and produce excellent wine.

Our family vineyards grow on several smaller locations, scattered over sun-bathed slopes of the local hills, and measure three hectares in size in total. The traditional method of pergola is supplemented by the Guyot method.

All grapes are picked by hand, which makes our grape harvests very pleasant family events.

We produce mostly teran with a special attention to the quality of wine. We are very happy of our success in the wine production and are proud of the awarded prizes, but the best proof is the satisfaction of our guests. 

We offer a wide range of wines, from dry and semi-dry wines do our sweet predicates.

Turistična kmetija Škerlj – Tourist Farm Škerlj is a member of the Konzorcij kraških pridelovalcev terana, a consortium of regional Teran producers.

All wines are available for consumption at the venue or for purchase in bottles.