sladko, 2013

Those are special wines that originate from selected grape harvests. Wine connoisseurs declare that predicates remain the true indication of a winemaker’s skills, while the praise of nature and her gifts remains only a step from there.

Best and most suitable grapes are selected during the harvest, then dried until we obtain raisins. Stems are carefully removed by hand and slowly macerated (10 to 30 days), which is followed by the maturing process from one up to three years.

We are proud to offer two superior predicates. Teranbon with the basis of Refošk is matured in oak barrels. Kraški Cvet produced from Sauvignon, Vitovska Grganja and Rumeni Muškat is matured in barrels made of acacia wood.

We offer them as dessert wines that go well with both aged cheese and sweets.