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Turistična kmetija Škerlj – Tourist Farm Škerlj is located in the centre of the village of Tomaj, which has been an important settlement in the region since the 8th century BC. Its administrative, economic and cultural roles have joined in importance for the region with the legacy of hundreds of years of hard and persistent work.

The world-famous Route of St James passes through Tomaj towards the distant Santiago de Compostela. 

We live in the Karst region, a special part of the world surrounded by the most northern waters of the Mediterranean, the Vipava Valley, and the Brkini with its underground caves and sinking (disappearing) rivers, and red soil lashed by gusts of wind, but generous with fruits.

We were sculptured by the Karts wind, sun, soil and water, and we welcome you in our beautiful and typical Karst village endowed with a hospitable character.

More about Tomaj: Tomaj - Karra, odkriti skriti Kras;  Zgodovina Tomaja – Župnija Tomaj (rkc.si)

Tomaj is a part of the bicycle route network: https://www.visitkras.info/kolo-kulture-krasa

During each season of the year, hikers and strollers are welcome to get in touch with the nature through numerous way around the village and in the region.

One of such is Pot Srečka Kosovela that leads past the Kosovel House to the Pustov Hram Cave. Pot Srečka Kosovela | Visit Kras

Near Tomaj are Štanjel, Lipica, the Škocjan Caves, Trieste with the Miramare and Devin, the Postojna Caves and the Predjama Castle – all bound into the beauty of the never completely tamed Karst.