Dried meat products

Our offer allows for exclusively our home-prepared pork meat. We keep piglets and raise them outdoors on a vegetables-rich diet.

All our meat products are dried in the velb in our 400-year-old cellar, following the infallible procedure perfected by Master Izidor.

Fun fact: Velb is the term we use for our 400-year-old cellar. In the Karst culture, that word also stands for a pantry (well, our family also used to store food there, even chestnuts!)


Pršut (in the English speaking world known by the Italian word prosciutto) is definitely one of the most famous Karst specialities and already a symbol for a gastronomical delicacy, but also for hospitality and happiness shared in good company.

It takes effort to produce quality pršut. Carefully chosen meat, unique Karst climate and the attention of a skilled pršut-maker are the warrants of our top offer. 

We insist on a careful preparation of legs of our pigs and see them through the stages of salting, resting and aging (following the special family procedure), before we offer pršut for your delight.

We learned how to be patient, because we let our pigs grow big and heavy, therefore the meat takes somewhat longer to dry. It takes three and a half years, sometimes four, for the meat to season into delicious pršut, the pride of Turistična kmetija Škerlj – Tourist Farm Škerlj.

It simply melts in the mouth!

A watchful eye is also quick to notice white tyrosine crystals dotting the products as a mark of quality.

Other dried meat products

Under the ceiling of the velb, there is always room for carré (prata), pork neck (bržola), pancetta, salami or dry sausage, and pork shoulder.

Connoisseurs of dried meat are in for a treat!

All the products are primarily intended for the guests of Turistična kmetija Škerlj – Tourist Farm Škerlj, however, during bountiful seasons we can arrange a take-away.